When two units join forces in combat, they will strengthen their bond through the magic of Support. This invisible link based on visual and numerical metrics grants them an opportunity to enhance their stats—it’s almost like watching two warriors fight as one! With Support powering your army, you’ll be ready for any challenge that comes your way. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to increase the Support Level in Fire Emblem Engage.

Increasing Support in Battle

There are two ways to increase Support in Battle:

  • Position Allies Adjacent
  • Allies Heal Each Other

Position Allies Adjacent

By strategically positioning your units to battle alongside a trusted ally, you can automatically increase the Support. Whether you are on the offensive or defensive, keeping your allies close together to increase your Support Level is essential.

Allies Heal Each Other

When allies come together to heal one another, both parties will experience an increase in their Support Level.

Increasing Support in the Somniel

Following are the ways to increase Support in the Somniel:

  • Interact with Allies
  • Give Gifts
  • Return Lost Items
  • Dine at Cafe Terrace

Interact with Allies

As you wander through this Somniel, the realm is filled with allies who have taken up arms against your enemies. To amplify your Support Level, interact and ally yourself with those on a similar path as yours.

Give Gifts

To reach a higher Support Level, it is essential to gift your allies. This way, both the giver and receiver will receive points. Every character has different preferences regarding gifts, so the best way to show appreciation is by giving them something they would genuinely enjoy.

Return Lost Items

While exploring the Somniel, you will come across different areas where you can find items. Upon returning the lost items to their owners, it increases their Support.

Dine at Cafe Terrace

When you come to Cafe Terrace, the chef is on a rotating schedule; order your meal and share it with others. If they like what they get, you’ll be rewarded with a sizable increase in Support. On the other hand, if not – expect less of an increment.

All you need to know is to increase your Support Level in Fire Emblem Engage. No matter your chosen path, whether you are on the offensive or defensive, make sure to keep your allies close together, give them gifts, and interact with them to amplify your Support Levels.

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