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How to Increase Prosperity and Happiness in Pharaoh: A New Era


Prosperity is a gameplay mechanic that decides how happy your citizens are and how well they can adapt to different situations. You must keep your Prosperity rating as high as possible to avoid a negative immigration rate, a breakdown of the overall happiness and mood of your cities. This guide will discuss everything you need to do to increase Prosperity in Pharaoh: A New Era.

In an earlier guide I published, I discussed religion and how to keep Gods happy. We will discuss some of those elements again in this guide as they will help us increase Prosperity in the game.

How to Increase Prosperity and Happiness

  • Appease the Gods
  • Build Entertainment Areas
  • Build Religious Monuments and Temples
  • Host Festivals
  • Build Medical Facilities
  • Reduce Crimes Rate

Appease the Gods

List of all Gods you can appease in Pharaoh: A New Era
Image Showing All Gods That Help Increase Prosperity

Some Gods in Pharaoh: A New Era can help boost your prosperity levels fast. These Gods include Bast, the Goddess of Home; Osiris, the God of Agriculture; and Ra, the God of Kingdom. Build shrines, temples, and host festivals in the name of these Gods to get the following benefits:

  • Reduced food and goods consumption
  • Increased effects on duration of entertainers, health services, and educators
  • Cures plague (Temple Complex Required)
  • Infected houses get cleansed (Temple Complex Required)
  • Improved overall health of the citizens (Temple Complex Required)
  • Improved overall mood of the citizens (Temple Complex Required)
  • Improved city sentiment and immigration (Temple Complex Required)
  • Improved Kingdom rating
  • Improved trade profits
  • Reduced interest on city debt
  • Priests can calm citizens (Temple Complex Required)
  • Reduced crime rate (Temple Complex Required)
  • Priests can deter thieves (Temple Complex Required)
  • Increased food production you
  • Less harsh foods
  • Priests can make the supplies last longer (Temple Complex Required)
  • Citizens need fewer resources to be happy (Temple Complex Required)
  • Trees grow faster (Temple Complex Required)
  • Huntable animals respawn faster (Temple Complex Required)
  • Increased output from fishing and hunting (Temple Complex Required)

Build Entertainment Areas

Overworking your citizens without giving them an outlet to relax and forget their worries won’t work out well for your Prosperity. Build entertainment zones in each city. Depending on the scale of the city, have at least 2-3 entertainment zones with dancers, jugglers, and musicians. These upgrades ensure a better living environment for your people, thus increasing prosperity levels.

Build Religious Monuments and Temples

Building monuments and temples are part of appeasing the Gods, but check your Religions menu to see which God is a Patron. The patron God must be your top priority, so build a Temple Complex for your patron God (one per city allowed) for additional benefits.

Host Festivals

Image Showing All Festival Costs in Pharaoh A New Era
Image Showing All Festival Costs

Festivals are used to appease the Gods and as a source of entertainment for your people. Festivals increase devotion, prosperity, and happiness. You can host three types of festivals for the Gods; Common Festival, Levish Festival, and Grand Festival.

Build Medical Facilities

Every city needs the best medical facilities, so build medical centers in your cities and frequently upgrade them. Medical centers can treat your citizens and soldiers and play a huge role in dealing with plagues. Needless to say, Prosperity relies heavily on good medical services.

Reduce Crimes Rate

Increased crime rates can lead to lower Prosperity and Happiness ratings. To reduce your crime rates, build police stations and appease Seth by building Temple Complexes for him. Seth’s Priests can help reduce crime rates in your cities.

That’s all you need to know on how to increase Prosperity and Happiness in Pharaoh: A New Era.

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