How to increase the Daemon X Machina mech speed ? Well, your Mech needs to be modified to suit each play style and improve its performance.  You will need to access the Lab, here you can do a couple of different things, to where you can increase your efficiency with your Mech, meaning you increase the speed not only with the gear that you receive but also with your own physical capabilities. They also affect how your mech moves. You can head on over to the body modifications and surgically enhance your physical abilities.

Head on over to the lower body and then arsenal. Over here you can upgrade the very first option. This increases your mobility by 10%. This is only a level 1 upgrade, over on level 2 there is an option for Increased Boost Efficiency by 10%. Level 3 offers you to reduce landing recovery time by 50%.

All these, for now, help in making your Mech a whole lot faster. Head on over to the upper body section, here you’ll want the level 2 upgrade which gives you a 10% increase in reload speed. If you want more speed then leave whatever equipment is not necessary behind unless you need the extra firepower.

That’s all you need to know in order to increase the Daemon X Machina mech speed. If you need more help with Daemon X Machina, head over to our guide hub for the game.

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