How many individuals in your country can read and write depends on the literacy rate. You must create changes in Victoria 3 to grow your nation internationally while promoting education in your country.

A high level of literacy is required for many occupations and to boost innovation which affects how quickly technology advances in the world. It allows you to produce cutting-edge technical goods. Manual labor and farm work will lower your literacy rate because these jobs don’t require a high literacy rate. However, if you look at the aristocrats, clergymen, and clerks who work in government buildings, they require a greater degree of literacy. A higher level of literacy is essential to smoothly run Govt operations and advance technology. So let’s examine how we can raise the literacy rate.

Your academic status has the biggest impact on your literacy rate. Increase your educational spending and build educational institutions as fast as you can. You must implement levels in the educational institution to boost education access. The literacy rate will eventually increase as levels climb. By selecting the Politics icon, you may get to the educational institutions.

You must begin awarding points for the completion of courses. To activate the law and increase your literacy rate, choose any available school from the list of alternatives, whether religious, private, or public. Additionally, make an effort to emphasize public schools since they have higher literacy rates than other institutions.

How to Reach 100% Literacy Rate in Victoria 3

You can get your nation’s literacy rate to 100% once your educational institutions reach level 5, which won’t be easy. The first step is to amass a lot of bureaucracy, which is the cost of advancing schooling. In addition, you must unlock a few technologies from the Technology Tree of your society.

You will have the chance to earn points for these technologies—rationalism, empiricism, and dialectics—to advance to level 3 in your educational institutions. However, you must unlock the Human Rights technologies from the society tree to raise the institution level even more. You can pass laws protecting children’s rights using this technology, which is necessary for raising the literacy rate.

You must navigate to the Law group, located in the Law tab, which is displayed on the Politics screen. Restricted Child Labor and Compulsory Primary Education are two laws that must be passed to boost your education level by 5 points. It simply implies that at five levels, everyone will be literate in the future and that your country will be at the forefront of creating cutting-edge technologies.

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