There is a constant flow of rewards for completed missions in the new Ni No Kuni game. However, with all of the different weapons, armor, resources, and familiars that you can find along your journey, it’s easy to run out of inventory space. This guide will tell you how to increase your inventory/backpack space in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds.


Which is the best way to increase the Inventory Space in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds?

Below are some ways which will help you in increasing backpack space.

Inventory management is an essential aspect of the game, and increases in inventory space can be a welcome relief. However, the method described in the topic is not the most efficient way to increase your inventory space.

Inventory Slot

To increase your inventory space without having to spend real money. Go to the inventory menu in the right corner of the screen and click on the “Plus/+” icon. Then, open the menu to buy your inventory slot. However, 1 inventory slot = 15 diamonds.


Pro Tip: Completing Tasks or Defeat Foes To get more Diamonds.

Purification Medal

Go to Medal shot and Use Purification Medal for trade to get an Inventory Slot. Yet, 1 Inventory slot= 100 Purification Medal.

Pro Tip: Collect items from Equipment Codex to get a Purification Medal.

Upgrading Grade

Each time you upgrade a Grade, you gain 25 Inventory Slots. So the first two Grades will give you 25 additional inventory slots. But after Grade, you will not get inventory slots.


Pro Tip: When you reach level 40, each character gives you 50 inventory slots. There are a total of five characters in the game. So you can get a total of 200 more inventory spaces.

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