As an Everspace 2 player, you will explore a waste universe and collect a ton of resources. You will pick up items as you go and the items you collect play a crucial role in your progression in Everspace 2. This means that over time you will need to increase Cargo Capacity. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know on how to increase Cargo Capacity / Inventory Space in Everspace 2.

Everspace 2: How to Increase Cargo Capacity

Increasing your Cargo Capacity in Everspace 2 would allow you to pick up and store more items. Pretty much every asteroid, enemy, shipwreck, and base you come across you will collect a ton of loot. In the vast universe of Everspace 2 loot is key to progression and a big part of that is inventory management.

There are only 18 cargo slots for you to store your loot and that becomes a problem as you progress in Everspace 2. As you pick up ammo, healing supplies, weapons, and resources inventory space will pick up soon.

To increase Cargo Capacity in Everspace 2 you need to buy Cargo Units. You can buy Cargo Units at Trading Posts you come across in the game. Cargo Units have rarities as well so the higher rarity units will give you more inventory space. You can purchase one Cargo Unit from the Ceto System, at the Flying Duchess Trading Post.

Increasing your inventory space in Everspace 2 will help you store more crafted items as well. Since crafting is a huge part of the game you need to have enough storage space for your crafted items. To understand how to craft items, visit our detailed guide on the topic.

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