Friendships in Genshin Impact have levels attached to them and in this guide, we will discuss how to increase friendship levels in Genshin Impact. You will find out what friendships are and how they affect your gameplay experience.


Friendship levels reflect your relationship with the characters you’ve unlocked. They can go up to level 10, with each level unlocking different rewards, including lore, voice lines, and namecard designs. You can check your current friendship levels at the character profile screens.

How To Increase Friendship Levels in Genshin Impact

There is only one way to increase friendship level in Genshin Impact. You need to earn Companionship XP in the game. There are multiple ways to earn them but doing the daily commissions is the best way to earn Companionship XP in Genshin Impact. However, there is a catch; you first need to reach Adventure Level 12 to unlock daily commissions. Other ways to raise friendship levels are completing domains and defeating bosses in Genshin Impact.

Ways to Increase Friendship Levels

Completing Daily Commissions: Engage in four daily commissions available every day to earn a significant amount of Companionship EXP. Completing them all allows you to collect additional rewards from the Adventurer’s Guild.

Random Quests: Earn Companionship XP by completing random quests, which appear when you head to specific areas. You can complete up to 10 quests per day, each yielding 10 to 15 points.

Spending Original Resin: Spend Original Resin to complete Ley Lines, which also contribute to your Companionship EXP. Defeat bosses and complete domains to earn Companionship EXP along with other rewards. Ensure you have enough Resin to claim these rewards.

Claiming Bounty: Claim bounties in the Serenitea Pot to earn additional Companionship EXP. Forge Mystic Enhancement Ore using Magical Crystal Chunks to gain Companionship EXP.

Defeating Monsters: Regularly defeating monsters will also add to your Companionship EXP.

Completing Content in Co-op Mode: Enable co-op mode to double the Companionship EXP earned from various activities.

Using the Serenitea Pot Bonus: Add a companion inside the Serenitea Pot’s indoor domain to gain Companionship EXP along with other rewards when claiming your bonus.

Additional Tips

Keeping Character in Party: Ensure the character is in your party to increase their friendship level. They don’t need to be on the field all the time, just in the party when you collect the Companionship EXP.

Doubling Friendship EXP During Co-op: From version 1.5, the friendship EXP earned while playing in co-op mode is doubled, allowing you to accelerate your friendship when clearing domains and defeating bosses.

Utilizing the Move-In Function in Housing: Place the character you want to raise in your Teapot to gain additional Companionship EXP conveniently.

Rewards of Increasing Friendship Levels

Unlock new bits of lore, voice lines, and namecard designs as you increase your friendship levels. These rewards provide more information about the characters and allow you to personalize your profile further.