How to Increase Friendship Levels in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact friendship levels

Friendships in Genshin Impact have levels attached to them and in this guide, we will discuss how to increase friendship levels in Genshin Impact. You will find out what friendships are and how they affect your gameplay experience.

The friendship level basically shows your current relationship stage with different characters. As you boost your friendship levels different characters will unlock rewards for you once you meet the requirements.

How to Increase Friendship Levels in Genshin Impact

There is only one way to increase friendship level in Genshin Impact. You need to earn Companionship XP in the game. There are multiple ways to earn them but doing the daily commissions is the best way to earn Companionship XP in Genshin Impact. However, there is a catch; you first need to reach Adventure Level 12 to unlock daily commissions. Other ways to raise friendship levels are completing domains and defeating bosses in Genshin Impact.

You can check your friendship level for any character in that character’s profile screens. The friendship meter bar is located right below the stats. Higher friendship level means you can learn more backstories and get more information about characters. You can also unlock new voice lines for your character. You can see the voice lines in the character’s profile pages. But that’s not all, in addition to voice lines and lore, you can unlock new name card designs by raising friendship levels.

Name cards are seen by other players when they check your Genshin Impact profile. You can customize name cards to show your unique personality.

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