As you delve into the world of fishing and resource gathering, you may quickly discover that your cargo hold isn’t as spacious as you’d like for all your hard-earned loot. In this comprehensive guide, we will unveil the secrets to expanding your cargo capacity, allowing you to haul larger quantities of fish and precious materials. Dive into these pages and get ready to transform your Dredge experience by unlocking the full potential of your vessel’s storage capabilities.

In order to increase your vessel’s cargo space for more storage capacity, it is essential to first investigate suitable enhancement options. This can be achieved by utilizing the expertise of Dry Dock or Floating Dock providers. The subsequent sections will reveal the whereabouts of docks that offer these indispensable services.

Dry and Floating Dock Upgrade Locations

How to Upgrade Cargo Space

When you access the Upgrades screen, you’ll be presented with a progression tree. Certain components within this tree offer unique alterations for your cargo hold, such as New Hull and Cargo Spaces. Keep in mind that to access these segments, you’ll need to unlock prior sections.

Upgrading requires materials and currency, with the total expense varying based on the modification level. To proceed, simply transfer the necessary resources from the Cargo tab or Storage and position them in the designated white fields on the left-hand side of the window. After that, click the Purchase Upgrade button and settle the required payment. The enhancement will be implemented automatically.

All Cargo Upgrades in Dredge

UpgradesAdditional SpacesCost
Tier 2 Hull Upgrade5 extra spaces4x Lumber, 2x Metal Scraps, 3x Bolt of Cloth, 1x Refined Metal, 500 USD
4 Cargo Spaces (Option 1)4 extra spaces4x Lumber, 3x Metal Scraps, 2x Bolt of Cloth, 300 USD
Tier 3 Hull Upgrade8 extra spaces4x Lumber, 1x Metal Scraps, 2x Refined Metal, 800 USD
4 Cargo Spaces (Option 2)4 extra spaces4x Lumber, 3x Metal Scraps, 2x Bolt of Cloth, 300 USD
Tier 4 Hull Upgrade17 extra spaces4x Lumber, 3x Metal Scraps, 4x Bolt of Cloth, 3x Refined Metal, 1,500 USD
4 Cargo Spaces (Option 3)4 extra spaces5x Lumber, 4x Metal Scraps, 3x Bolt of Cloth, 600 USD

That’s everything you need to know on how to upgrade and increase cargo space in Dredge, the video game. For more on the game, check out our guide on How to Fish and How to Complete Caught to Order Pursuit.

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