Two Point Campus provides a platform for those gamers who like to play strategic and building games. In such games, to increase the game level, you complete different tasks to achieve that goal. This guide, How to Increase Campus Level in Two Point Campus, will enlist everything you need to do to achieve that goal.

How to Increase Campus Level in Two Point Campus

Here is a list of things that helps if you want to increase the campus level at Two Point Campus.

  • Expand The Campus
  • Introduce New Courses
  • Enrol More Students
  • Staff Training
  • Enhance Existing facilities

Expand The Campus

Create more room for the campus so that you can build new things and add facilities. This will increase the overall rating of the campus. Click here to find out how to create rooms and expand the place.

Introduce New Courses

Introducing new courses at the campus in Two Point Campus will boost your campus level. Remember that you need more space and new teachers when you offer new courses.

Enroll More Students

If you introduce new courses, the chance of student enrollment will increase. More students on the campus will enhance the overall rating of the campus.

Staff Training

Make sure that the staff that you have is well trained. Every member is assigned a specific task. To find out how you can assign tasks, click here. Staff should be well trained for the task. For example, teacher and non-teaching staff training will increase the quality of everything on campus.

Enhance Existing facilities

As all the above mentioned, things require more space/room. If you lack resources, you can increase the existing facilities’ quality by adding details in every room and purchasing high-quality stuff. For example, replacing the toilet with Golden Toilet will increase the level in Two Point Campus. Click here to find out How you can get Golden Toilet.

That’s all you need to know about How to Increase Campus Levels at Two Point Campus. To know more, visit How to Increase Student Grades in Two Point Campus¬†and How to Schedule Events in Two Point Campus.

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