Anomaly Power is the stats of your character shown on the character screen. The Anomaly Power serves a crucial role in all builds and is so vital for three main areas in the game’s characters. It defines your damage output with melee, your class skills, and other effects that you might cause on an enemy. These are what makes Anomaly power such a strong and powerful stat, as it buffs the damage in three areas that you inflict to enemies. This is a guide to help you better understand the working of the Anomaly Power in Outriders.


How to Increase Anomaly Power in Outriders

There are different ways to increase Anomaly Power in Outriders. It can be increased from armor bonuses. All the armor pieces present in the game offer various benefits and buffs to your character in general. Using Anomaly Power will increase those stats by a huge fraction. You can increase a stat or two of a character using this, such as armor’s defense, weapon damage, or max health.

If you are hunting more Anomaly Power in Outriders, we recommend you to check out every armor piece that is dropped by enemies or chests. We should also keep in mind that Outriders is a tactical game, which means that sometimes you will have to let go of some health or armor in order to deal more damage.

You can also increase Anomaly Power through the class tree. There are nodes in this tree that you can unlock by ranking up and getting points to unlock them. Some of the nodes in this tree will increase your anomaly power, which means they are a prime investment if you are looking to increase your anomaly power.

This was everything that you needed to know about Anomaly Power. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Outriders wiki guides.