Managing your weight is one of the most important aspects of Armored Core 6 as it determines your Mech’s mobility. There are multiple things that affect your weight limit. If you do not want to be sluggish in every engagement you take, you will need to micro-manage your weight limit by carefully choosing every single part of your Mech. In this guide, we have shared some tips and tricks to help you manage your Weight Limit in Armored Core 6.


Armored Core 6 Weight Limit

Before you try to optimise your weight load, it is important to understand how weight affects your mech’s abilities. You should be able to find detailed information about the weight limit of your Armored Core in the Assembly section of your Garage. In there, you will see two things i.e.:

  • Current Energy (EN) Load
  • Current Load

When it comes to Weight Limit, we will primarily focus on the Current Load.

It’s important to account for the weight of weapons, arms, and the core when you equip them. The Armored Core 6 will overheat when your Mech gets overloaded with too much weight — you will also get an alert. This means that your Mech has exceeded its weight limit, affectting its performance and mobility.



Your weight load capacity is heavily influenced by its legs. Different legs offer different weight-bearing capabilities. For instance, Reverse Joint or Standard Bipedal are thinner, more agile, and have lower weight. Your mech will be able to navigate levels more easily as a result of these legs. Alternatively, larger legs such as Tetrapod or Tank Tread result in slower movement.

Cores and Arms

The core of the robot determines what arms you can use. Having a bulky core allows for larger arms due to its stability and support. In turn, this allows you to carry larger weapons, enhancing the offensive potential of your mech. A core’s stability and weight-bearing capability directly affect the arms you can use.

In order to create a coherent loadout, each component must interact with the others. Your choice of leg influences your choice of core, which in turn influences your choice of arm. A synergistic loadout maximizes your mech’s potential on the battlefield by combining these elements effectively.


A mech’s load capacity is directly affected by the weight of its weapons in Armored Core 6. Every weapon you equip adds weight to your mech, potentially pushing it over the limit. It’s crucial to strike a balance between carrying enough weapons and not overloading your mech.


Take into account the weight of each weapon and how it affects the overall load on your mech. Build your loadout by choosing weapons that have the right firepower and don’t weigh too much.

OS Upgrades

Although managing weight load requires informed customization choices, Armored Core 6 offers an alternative through OS upgrades. Using the Weight Control upgrade, you can deploy missions even when your mech is overloaded. Furthermore, this upgrade allows you to drop weapons on the field, thereby shedding weight and preventing sluggishness.

However, even though the Weight Control OS upgrade resolves the problem of exceeding weight limits, it is generally advisable to avoid overloading your machine at the beginning. Instead, you should focus on choosing your leg, core, arm, and weapon combinations carefully.


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