How to Improve Swing Timing in MLB The Show 21

How to Improve Swing Timing in MLB The Show 21

Baseball in general is a quite tricky sport. When it comes to playing baseball digitally, you might just know the real struggle, swing timing is a difficult-to-learn aspect of batting in MLB The Show 21, and it is even more frustrating to learn and to master if you have never played a baseball game before. This guide will get you through some tips on how you can master your swing timing in MLB The Show 21.

MLB The Show 21 Improve Swing Timing

First of all, the pitch’s speed plays a vital role in swing timing, such as a fast pitch would require a fast reaction time and a slower pitch requires a slow reaction time. You can observe the opposing team’s pitches by pressing RT/R2 while at the main base (Plate). Now, if a pitcher is utilizing a hard fastball with a speed of more than 95MPH, you will have to react faster when the ball comes your way.

Each pitch has its differences, and if you are playing on a fast pitch, the ball would mostly travel in a straight path. On the other hand, we have got Changeups, which move downwards when coming towards you and are a bit slower than those fastballs.

Next, sliders and curveballs are slow as well when compared to fastballs, but these both are breaking pitch meaning that during the traversal of the ball it could slightly change its direction. It could go a curveball (Downwards) or in the right or left directions (Slider).

You need to track the pitch to improve your Swing timing by a huge fraction by utilizing PCI, which allows the player to swing with more precision and accuracy when at the plate. The key to swing timing is to be patient and watch the ball and its direction, then plan your swing and hit it!

And that’s all we’ve got in how to improve your swing timing in MLB The Show 21. Feel free to check out our detailed MLB The Show 21 wiki guides for more help on the game.

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