Hunting is a major part of Valheim and it is not an easy mechanic. There are a plethora of animals you can hunt down for resources but one of the most sought-after animal is Deer. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to hunt Deer as well as where to find them in Valheim.


Valheim: How to Hunt Deer

Deers are very sensitive and quick to react, to hunt Deer in Valheim you need to sneak up on them from behind without being detected. Use sneak mode (Press CTRL), and sneak behind the Deer without being noticed. It should be noted that you won’t be invisible in the sneak mode so you need to be very careful and stay out of its line of sight.

Sneaking will consume Stamina but if you have good Forsaken Powers, you can reduce the cost. If you lose enough stamina before racing the Deer, make sure to take a break. You can stay in sneak mode to restore your stamina.

When you reach the Deer, equip a strong weapon. You need to deal more damage than usual. Pick a weapon that kills the Deer in one strike. If you don’t kill it in a single strike, the Deer will run away and you’ll have to chase it down but might not be able to catch up to it.

A Flint Axe is great for hunting Deer in Valheim.

Deer Locations

You can find Deer in the Meadows and Block Forest. Both of these Biomes have a good supply of Deer for you to hunt. But keep in mind that you can also take on The Elder and Eikthyr in these biomes.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to hunt Deer in the game. Need more help? See beat Stone Golem, build a dock, make needle arrows.