Hitman 3 is a game that requires stealth to kill targets of importance. During the missions, you will come across guards or other people you will have to knock out to pass through undetected. However, if someone finds the body of the person who is knocked out, then everyone can be on a high alert. For such situations, you can hide these guards’ bodies in areas where no one can see them. In this quick guide, you will find everything you need to know on how to hide bodies in Hitman 3.

Hitman 3: How to Hide Bodies

Hiding the body of a guard in Hitman 3 is essential so that more guards d not get alarmed. Every guard follows a path and sticks to it. You can memorize this path and act accordingly. After knocking a guard out, you can hide their bodies. You can also take their clothes, leaving them naked on the ground. By pressing B, you can drag the body of your enemy and hide them in bushes or other spots. Once you start carrying a body press R1 to see areas lightly glowing showing areas where you can hide the body.

During the dragging, if you press Y near a container, you can put the body inside it. You can also throw the bodies of the guards from balconies in some missions by holding Y. However, this not recommended as it will count as a kill of an enemy besides the primary target.

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