Disciples: Liberation is a challenging RPG and it is a matter of time before you face off against tough enemies and you are low on health. In this Disciples: Liberation guide, we are going to go over how you can heal in the game.


How You Can Heal In Disciples: Liberation

Damage dealt in combat does not heal once the battle is over. If you do not heal yourself during the battle, you need to head back to the castle or find a health fountain. Health fountains have a green glow and have running water. Interacting with these is going to heal your party.

During combat, you can heal by using Action Points if you do not attack, cast a spell or move on the grid. You can heal by ending your turn. This will heal your unit up to 25% per unused action point.

Furthermore, you can use healing spells to heal your party members. Avyanna can use multiple healing spells. Her first healing spell Soloniel’s Mist allows her to heal 25% of an ally’s maximum HP and gives them regeneration which is going to heal them over the course of the next three turns.

Other than that, there are hexagons on the grid that have a green glow. The first unit to spet on this will be healed. This applies to the enemies as well.

This is how you can heal during and outside of combat in Disciples: Liberation. If you are interested in learning more then you can check out our guide on how you can respec your skill points.