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How to Heal Your Army in Humankind


You can explore so much in Humankind’s world, and engage against opponents in a small-scale battle or a complete war. In these kinds of approaches, your army will take a lot of damage, but you should know how to heal your units on the battlefield. This guide will let you know how you can heal your units, as healing could make a substantial difference in the battle and might even decide the victory and defeat of an Empire in Humankind.

Humankind: How to Heal Army

You can heal a whole tile in Humankind and all the troops in that tile will wait at their current positions until they are completely healed. Players can heal their troops in a particular tile by clicking on the tile, whose troops you want to heal.

You can click the respective tile on the map, and a new readout will appear, which will have all unit types mentioned in the readout that is in that particular tile.

You will have the readout in front of you and you will be able to see all the troops in that tile in the readout. Now, you just need to look above the composition section to the right and you will see a ‘Heart’ icon. You need to click this icon and it will start healing your troops in that particular tile of the map.

As, there could be different types of troops in the selected portion of the map, thus making it easy for you to heal all of them at once. You will know when a certain troop is low on health, so you can heal them in the battle as healing is the most important and crucial part of winning the battles and wars against Empires in Humankind.

You should keep in mind that if you move your units while they are healing, the healing might stop and you will need to heal the other portion of their health afterward.

This is everything there is to know about healing units in Humankind. Need more help? See Win Conditions, Changing State Religion, Reducing Populations.

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