In V Rising, your health is constantly under threat. Whether you’re being attacked by enemies or simply exploring the world, you need to be ready to heal at a moment’s notice. There are various ways to heal in V Rising, and each has its benefits and drawbacks. For example, you can use blood bags to top up your health quickly, but they are expensive and sometimes hard to find.

Alternatively, you can use healing salts, cheaper but take longer to work. Whichever method you choose, it’s essential to keep an eye on your health bar and be ready to heal as soon as possible. With this guide, you’ll always be prepared to keep yourself alive in V Rising.

Healing in V Rising

V Rising is an action RPG that has you taking control of V, a mysterious vampire who awakens in the city of Night City after being left for dead. The game gives you various ways to heal V, but the simplest is by using an ability called Blood Mend.

Blood abilities are a core part of combat in V Rising. These abilities allow you to heal yourself and your allies and deal additional damage to your enemies. To use blood abilities, you must first press the CTRL-key. As a result, it will open your blood powers. When you select a skill, the radial menu expands to include options for Blood Mend. Blood Mend is a blood ability that allows you to heal yourself and your allies.

Blood Mend is a powerful healing skill, but it comes with some caveats:

  • Using Blood Mend will cause your character to stop and hover for a brief period. This makes you vulnerable to enemy attacks, so it’s essential to find a safe spot away from enemies before using this skill.
  • Moving while under the effects of Blood Mend will cancel the skill, so be sure to stay still while you’re healing.
  • Blood Mend drains your Blood Pool, which is the amount of blood you currently have stored.

Caution: You can only heal when your Blood Pool is complete. You won’t be able to heal further if your Blood Pool drops to zero. Try leeching some from a foe or seeking a Blood Fountain to refill your supplies if you run out of blood.

In the game V Rising, your blood type is an important stat that determines how quickly you heal. If you leech blood from another creature, your blood type will change. Likewise, if you consume items from your inventory, your blood type will reset to frail.

You can also use craft-healing items like salves and potions, which can come in handy during a tough battle. These items don’t require blood to use, so that you can save your Blood Pool for other purposes.

Instead, they require some essential resources, which are relatively easy to come by. Just open up your inventory crafting menu, and you’ll be able to make a variety of different items. As you progress further in the game, you’ll also unlock new crafting stations that will allow you to make even more powerful items. So if you’re in a bind, don’t forget that you have other options for healing up besides using blood.

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