To survive in The Callisto Protocol, you must know how to heal properly and efficiently. You will take on the role of Jacob Lee, who has a chip called a Core Device implanted over his neck. This chip represents your health points and serves as a reminder to Heal when necessary.

Health Injector Location: You can regain your health by finding a Health Injector. They are commonly located on walls and in loot crates. Another way to do this is by searching for and acquiring Health Gel which is dropped by monsters upon death.

After locating the Health Injector, press the down button on the controller to select and use an injector. If you don’t want to do it this way, go to the inventory screen and choose from there.

how to heal in callisto protocol

The healing process takes at least 4 seconds, during which you are vulnerable to attack. To increase your chances of survival, you should first hide and start the healing process. Once your health is restored, come out from hiding and attack the enemy until it dies. A glowing green sign over the health bar means you have restored all your health.

If you think you can defeat the enemy despite having low health, go for it. Do this first, and then heal yourself. I’m saying this because enemies are more likely to drop Health Gel, which you can use to heal. Save the health injector only for worse scenarios. The enemies will show no mercy when Jacob’s health is low, so you must be vigilant and watch the health bar. Try to use Injectors sparingly and dodge or block enemy attacks whenever possible.

That’s all you need to know about healing in the game. Before you go, here are some more guides you may like:

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