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How to Heal in Tales of Arise


Keeping check of your team’s and your own health is one of the important aspects of RPG games. As you might just prevail in a battle while having that extra bunch of health. There are more than a few ways to heal your squad in Tales of Arise, and this guide will cover it all.

Tales of Arise: How to Heal

The first method is to have healers in your party, who are actively participating in the battle and providing essential heals for the front liners. Healers are responsible for healing the team and their selves and revive fallen squad members. Healers are also effective in using their certain abilities that replenish a large portion of every squad member in the vicinity of the heal.

You need to have Cure Points to be able to heal using this method. So, you can opt to heal with potions. There are several potions in the game that heal your health points substantially.

All the potions are to be used in different situations like you can use a potion to heal an individual player, there is a potion to heal the whole team. However, you’d need to spend a bunch of gold to purchase these potions.

The third method to heal is to give heal to a comrade or yourself outside of the battle. You can use Cure Points to heal your or any of your team member’s 80% or full HP. This way is much effective, as you can save your potions for the battles.

This is everything we have got on how to heal in Tales of Arise. Need more help? See Tips and Tricks, Calaglia Dahnan Owls Locations.

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