How to Heal in Medieval Dynasty

How to Heal in Medieval Dynasty

In this guide, we’re going to talk about essential survival skills and how you can heal in the Medieval Dynasty. There are three ways to restore your HP after being injured.

First, let’s talk about survival skills. The “Survival Sense” shows where mushrooms and herbs are. If you look into your inventory, you’ll find items like mushrooms that can increase your food supply by 1% each. You have “St. John’s Wort” that can decrease the effects of poison. There is this herb called the “Broadleaf Plantain” that increases your health by 10% each.

You can find Broadleaf Plantain if you move west halfway between Gustovia and Denica, on the hill right before the river. To find the Broadleaf Plantain, use your spear and point it down towards the ground. It doesn’t look like anything, so try to move the mouse slowly so you can see the herb.

If you spot one herb of Broadleaf Plantain, chances are there is another one growing somewhere near it. You can also find some when you start the game, come down the hill on the left, not via the path. Try to collect as much as you can before you go on a long hunt or mission. While collecting the herb, try to watch out for animal attacks such as boar and little fox. The fox will chase you to the end of the world and keep nipping on your heels. Then there’s the other way of healing yourself, as you may have seen in the game, the game asks you to get a wife. The wife will heal you.

The third way to heal yourself is to build a campfire, try to collect sticks from the ground, and start a campfire. You can cook food with the campfire and you can also fall asleep near it to heal yourself. If you’re running low on water supply, go to any body of water near you and drink.

This is how you can heal in the Medieval Dynasty. For more helpful tips and tricks, you can check out our detailed Medieval Dynasty wiki guides.

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