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How to Heal in Alan Wake Remastered


Healing is an important aspect in most of the survival and action games. You can heal yourself in Alan Wake Remastered, when you are not engaged in combat. Healing can save you from dying and proves to be an effective way to keep you up in the combat. Well, to know how to heal in Alan Wake Remastered, please follow the guide below.

Healing in Alan Wake Remastered

Health in Alan Wake Remastered is regenerated automatically. To get your health to restore, you need to get out of combat immediately. There is no other way to heal your character in Alan Wake Remastered. To heal, you need to head towards a shelter with some light in it, or an illuminated house or building. You can also light a flare, and just stay close to it to heal Alan.

Lighting a flare, or staying in a shelter with light prevents enemies from entering in those areas, so you can stay there for a while, so your health is regenerated in the meantime. Ideally, players would use shelters to heal in Alan Wake Remastered, and sometimes there are generators. You’d need to start a generator to flash the lights of the shelter and stay in there to heal.

Players can also use flare gun by pressing the respective button once, and a shot will be fired at ground near the character to regenerate his health quickly. If we hold the button to flare gun, we can move with the flare in our hand, and heal the character while moving.

All in all, there are few ways to heal in Alan Wake Remastered, and you need to be productive to find an ideal way to heal your character in each situation. This is everything that you need to know about healing in Alan Wake Remastered.

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