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How To Heal And Restore Health In Tribes Of Midgard


Tribes Of Midgard is a co-op adventure that can become challenging if players become overwhelmed. In such scenarios, players have to heal and restore their health to keep on going. This Tribes of Midgard guide will help players with how to heal and restore health.

How To Restore Health

Healing or restoring health in Tribes Of Midgard requires a bit of planning. Players carry three health potions when they start their journey and using these players will restore a small part of the health bar.

Players can increase the number of potions they can carry by upgrading the pouch. To upgrade the pouch, visit the Tinker in the village.

While you are in the village, go to the healer and speak with him to trigger a healing field. The field lasts for two minutes but, it’ll heal the players and restore health as long as it’s active.

Another way to heal or restore health in Tribes Of Midgard is interacting with Eir Effigies that players will find throughout the game’s world. However, players can only use them once.

That is all for our Tribes Of Midgard guide on how to heal and how to restore health. For more on the game, also see or Tips and Tricks for Survival and How to Fast Travel.

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