In Terra Nil, transforming barren landscapes into lush, green paradises is the name of the game. As a key step in the restoration process, growing grass is vital for bringing life back to each map. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the essential steps and strategies to effectively grow grass in Terra Nil and progress towards a thriving ecosystem. Get ready to wield your eco-friendly tools and turn desolation into verdant beauty.

Clean the Soil: Before you can grow grass, you need to clean the dull soil. Use the “Toxin Scrubber” tool, which costs 25 leaves, and place it on the soil within the range of a Turbine to supply electricity. The soil will then turn brown and be ready for grass growth.

Irrigate the Cleaned Soil: With the soil cleaned, it’s time to use the “Irrigator” tool, costing 50 leaves, to promote grass growth. Place the Irrigator on the cleaned soil, ensuring maximum coverage. You can rotate the Irrigator by pressing the R button or rotating the mouse wheel to optimize its reach.

Optimize Grass Growth: To grow grass effectively, strategically place multiple Toxin Scrubbers to clean larger areas, followed by well-positioned Irrigators. Hover the Irrigator over different cleaned soil tiles to see the number of tiles it covers, which also represents the leaves you’ll earn. Adjust the Irrigator’s direction for maximum coverage before confirming its placement.

That’s all there is to and I hope helps you figure out how to grow grass in Terra Nil. We have more guides for you that you might like including how to get more leaves and how to unlock tools.

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