In Rune Factory 5, you can grow big crops using crop growth rates. This Guideline will teach you How to Grow Giant Crops:

Growing Giant Crops in Rune Factory 5

You can also cultivate crops on Farm Dragons, located south of SEED Outpost. You’ll acquire four Farm Dragons throughout the main story to increase your food supplies. Please make use of them to produce as many Crops.

If you till crops rather than harvesting them, they will nourish the soil. Corn is an excellent example because it provides nutrients to the ground.

You can buy Greenifier at Ludmila’s shop. It is located in the Southwest area of Selphie. You need to purchase it with 500 Friendship Points (FP).

To get Greenifier+, you need to combine 10x Greenifier and 1x Magic Water in a pot. Cook the mixture for 3 minutes, then wait for it.

When you continue to cultivate plants in the same soil, the quality of the ground degrades. The Magnifying Glass is an item that lets you check the quality of the ground.

If you want to get Giant Crops, you should use higher-level seeds. Seeds for crops start at Level 1, but you may raise their level by using a sickle on ripe crops.

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