Look no further than the Zvezdochka if you’re playing Atomic Heart and looking for a great melee weapon. Every player should have the Zvezdochka since it’s the strongest melee weapon in the game.

This guide will provide you with the Zvezdochka blueprint location and the materials required to craft the weapon. We will also discuss its upgrade options, including the Uppercut Crushing Blow upgrade, significantly improving its effectiveness. Here’s how you can get the Zvezdochka to successfully smash enemies in Atomic Heart.

How to Get Zvezdochka

  • Find Zvezdochka Blueprint Location
  • Craft Zvezdochka (Crafting Recipe)

Find Zvezdochka Blueprint Location

Start at this location.
Locate the red log house.
Exact location on the map.

During the Breath of Fresh Air mission, you must find a way out of the village. But before you leave, you can find the Zvezdochka Blueprint in a red log house. Start at the location shown in the first image and stay on the left edge of the map. You can eventually come across a house built with red logs.

There are hardly any enemies in the area, so you won’t have much trouble. Enter through the house’s front door and take the stairs to reach the first floor. Make your way to the balcony, where a chest awaits you. Open the chest to get the Zvezdochka Blueprint. If you have trouble finding the house, refer to the third image above, which shows the exact location of the red log house.

Craft Zvezdochka (Crafting Recipe)

With the blueprint in hand, you can craft Zvezdochka if you have 155 Metal Parts, 19 Superconductors, and 15 Chemistry Materials. Zvezdochka is most effective if you add the Crushing Blow upgrade. Use it in combination with one of the best skills, Cryo Jet, to quickly dispose of enemies in Atomic Heart.

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