The Zanj Uprising Dagger is one of the coveted treasures in Assassin’s Creed Mirage. While obtaining it involves navigating through a series of challenges, this guide will provide you with a clear path to securing Zanj Uprising Dagger in AC Mirage. The key to obtaining the Zanj Uprising Dagger lies in The Four Markets. Here, a Gear Chest holds the dagger, but accessing it is no simple task. The chest is locked away behind a series of obstacles that require both wit and agility to overcome.


AC Mirage: Zanj Uprising Dagger Location And Puzzle Solution

Four Markets Gear Chest with Zanj Uprising Dagger.
  1. Surveying the Scene: Upon reaching the location, you’ll find the Gear Chest’s building locked. While there’s a breakable wall at the back, the Oil Jar needed to breach it is in another locked building.
  2. The Clue on the Roof: Climb the Gear Chest building to discover a letter. This note hints that the person guarding the area (and the key you need) has taken a break to enjoy some tea at The Four Markets.
  3. The Hunt for the Key: With the clue in hand, head northeast from the Gear Chest building. Activate your Eagle Vision to spot an individual marked with a key icon on the first floor of a nearby building. Sneak in, retrieve the key, and make your way back.
  4. Unlocking the Path: Use the key to access the building containing the Oil Jar. With the Oil Jar in hand, break the back wall of the Gear Chest building.
  5. Final Challenge: Before rushing in, note that the dagger is on the first floor, but the path is blocked. Spot a window above the destroyed wall and throw a knife through it at the Oil Jars inside. This will create an explosion, clearing the way to the first floor.
  6. Claiming the Dagger: Enter the now accessible building, adjust the shelf to create a climbing path, and ascend to the Gear Chest. Inside, you’ll find your reward: the Zanj Uprising Dagger.

Securing the Zanj Uprising Dagger in Assassin’s Creed Mirage is a rewarding challenge that tests both your problem-solving skills and agility.