Wyvern Milk in Ark Scorched Earth is a key resource you need to raise baby Wyverns. As baby Wyverns don’t take anything except milk, so it is a necessary item to raise them successfully. This guide will explain Wyvern’s milk uses, how you can get it, and its spoil time if you keep it in your inventory.


To get Wyvern’s milk, you can use three methods in Ark Scorched Earth.

  • Using Trap
  • By using Golem
  • Kill an Alpha Wyvern

Using Trap: Set a trap for Wyvern and lure her into the trap and knock her down. After knocking her down, collect milk from the inventory quickly before she gets conscious. Use Spyglass to confirm the gender before knocking her down. You will get five wyvern milk for an unconscious one. You can knock down the same Wyvern to get more milk, but after a set-reset time, not before that.

By Using Golem: This method is not a very famous one to be used while knocking down Wyvern. Summon a golem and use that rock golem to knock her down to get milk.

Kill An Alpha Wyvern: Lastly, you can kill an alpha Wayvern of any gender to get the milk. Like other resources, milk will have a particular spoil time. An amount of fifty Wayvern milk can be gained by alpha Wyvern.

Uses Of Wyvern Milk

  • Gives 1200 food to baby Wyvern
  • It can also be used by humans and increases food and health value by 100 when consumed.
  • It gives you Insulation warmth that lasts for 180 seconds.
  • It saves the player from Enflamed debuff due to the Wyvern fire breath attack.
  • Wyvern milk is also used to stop bleeding due to Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus, and Carnotaurus.

This is all you need to understand: How to Get Wyvern Milk in Ark Scorched Earth to raise baby Wyvern. For more, visit Ark Scorched Earth Wyvern Eggs Locations and Harvesting Guide, Ark Scorched Earth Artifact Locations Guide, and Ark Scorched Earth Weapons and Armor Crafting Recipes.