How to Get Wyrrite in Final Fantasy 16 (Best Way)


Crafting and upgrading weapons and gear are essential for success in any RPG and Final Fantasy 16 is no different. To craft in Final Fantasy 16 you need crafting materials and one of the most sought-after materials is Wyrrite. It allows you to create creat powerful weapons and enhance your defenses.

In this guide, we will discuss the best methods for getting Wyrrite in Final Fantasy XVI.

Wyrrite is a versatile crafting material found throughout Valisthea. Its unique properties make it ideal for enhancing weapons and gear, granting them new abilities and increasing their power.

Best Ways to Get Wyrrite in FF16

The following are the best ways to get your hand on Wyrrite in Final Fantasy 16.

Item Drops and Treasure Coffers

As you traverse Valisthea, keep a keen eye out for white, sparkling items scattered around. These items can be absorbed simply by approaching them. Wyrrite can also be found in small quantities around the map. Additionally, treasure coffers, small chests hidden in various locations, contain valuable loot, including Wyrrite. Thoroughly explore each area to uncover these hidden treasures.

Battle Rewards and Spoils

Engaging in battles is a core aspect of Final Fantasy 16, and it presents an excellent opportunity to acquire more Wyrrite. During the early stages of the game, battle rewards will be your most reliable source of this crafting material.

How to Get Wyrrite in Final Fantasy 16 battle rewards and spoils.

While there is no guaranteed method to obtain Wyrrite each time, rest assured that as Clive grows stronger and battles tougher enemies, the likelihood of receiving Wyrrite as a reward will increase. Boss-type enemies, distinguished by their larger health bars and unique names, offer even greater chances for Wyrrite acquisition.

Purchasing Wyrrite

As you progress in Final Fantasy 16, you will gain access to Charon’s Toll, a shop located in Cid’s Hideaway. Charon’s Toll offers a variety of items for purchase, including Wyrrite. Keep a close eye on the shop’s updates, as Clive will receive notifications whenever new items become available.

Wyrrite can be bought individually for a cost of 40 Gil per piece. While this method may require some investment, it provides a reliable means of obtaining Wyrrite when other avenues prove insufficient.

How to Use Wyrrite in Final Fantasy 16

Once you unlock Cid’s Hideaway you will gain access to Blackthorne, the resident blacksmith. Blackthorne possesses the skills and knowledge to craft and reinforce weapons and armor.

Located on the western edge of Cid’s Hideaway, just past Charon’s Toll, Blackthorne’s forge, known as The Black Hammer, is where you can use your Wyrrite.

How to Use Wyrrite in Final Fantasy 16.

Blackthorne’s forge offers a range of services to enhance your arsenal. With Wyrrite in hand, you can craft new weapons and gear, reinforcing them with the power of this versatile material.

That’s everything you need to know on how to get Wyrrite in FF16. We also have guides on other topics including Best Titan Eikonic Abilities and Benedikta Boss Fight.

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