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How To Get Wrench In Amnesia The Bunker (Easy Way)

In the guide, we will provide step-by-step instructions on how to get the wrench in Amnesia: The Bunker, thus allowing you to progress through the game. The wrench location in Amnesia The Bunker is well hidden because this time is crucial to overcome obstacles and unlock new areas.

Before going to find the wrench, make sure to store all unwanted items in the Admin office storage space in case you don’t have space in your inventory. You can always drop unwanted items on the spot but you never know which items become useful as you progress further into the madness. It is always best to store them rather than throw them away.

Amnesia The Bunker Wrench Location

Step 1: Enter the Maintenance Sublevel

To start looking for the wrench, navigate to the Maintenance sublevel. This area is often accessible through designated doors or staircases. Locate and enter the Maintenance sublevel, being mindful of any hazards or enemies you may encounter along the way. Keep a light source with you at all times.

Step 2: Find the Workshop and “The Rat Tunnel”

Within the Maintenance sublevel, your goal is to locate the workshop. This is where you can access a pathway known as “the rat tunnel.” Locate the workshop and proceed through the entrance to the rat tunnel. You may encounter killer rats in the area so again, make sure you have a light source such as a torch handy.

Step 3: Access the Pillbox

Progress towards the locked door that leads to the Pillbox area, where you will find the wrench. You have two alternatives to bypass this locked door and gain entry to this area:

Obtain a Key from the Chapel: Search for the Chapel within the game. Once inside the Chapel, search for the confession booth. Within the booth, you will find a priest. Explore the area around the priest to locate a key, which unlocks the door to the Pillbox. Return to the locked door and utilize the key to gain access.

Find an Alternative Entry: If obtaining the key is not feasible, search for an alternative entry point. Look for any weak points or breakable objects in the vicinity of the locked door. Utilize your in-game abilities to break down obstacles and create a new path to enter the Pillbox.

Once inside the Pillbox, search for the wrench. It may be hidden in a locker or another storage unit. Explore the area thoroughly and interact with objects to find the wrench. Pay attention to any clues or prompts that may guide you towards its location.

After acquiring the wrench, it becomes a valuable tool in the game. Use the wrench to interact with specific objects or overcome obstacles that require its unique functionality. Experiment and explore the game environment to uncover the various ways the wrench can aid your progress.

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