Disney Dreamlight Valley features quests revolving around helping all the different characters by visiting their realms. one of the realms you will visit is Moana, and you get to help out all the characters from the movie with their individual tasks. For example, one character, Maui, will ask you to bring him a coconut tree from an island nearby. To do this task properly, you need to collect worms first. In this guide, I’ll tell you where to get worms in Disney Dreamligh Valley.

From the start of your journey, listen carefully to Maui’s instructions. You may miss a critical part of the conversation and consequently skip the conversation. In other words, Maui will tell you where to find the worms.’ Now you know that the Peaceful Meadows is where you can find the worms, so head there without wasting time.

The worms live in dirty places. You can see them on the dirt mounds as bright spots. Use your shovel to dig and get the worms. If you’re still unsure where to find worms, head to the lake—you’ll have a better chance of finding them there.

You can ask your friends to help you gather the worms, saving time. Another place where you’re likely to find worms is in sand mounds. It’s worth dig into these sparkling mounds as there’s a chance you may find other useful items like different ores. Even though this task might seem difficult initially, it’s not too bad once you start. Remember that you only need to collect 3x worms for the quest.

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