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How To Get Wool In Palworld And Wool Farming Tips


Unlike common resources like Wood and Fiber, which are easily gathered from trees, wool in Palworld is a bit more elusive. It’s a core material, primarily used for crafting Straw Pal Beds, a vital element in maintaining your Pal’s well-being. Understanding how to get wool in Palworld is important as it affects your gameplay significantly, influencing the health and effectiveness of your Pals.

Best Way To Get Wool In Palworld

In Palworld, wool is primarily obtained from specific creatures, known as Pals. The key Pals to target for wool are Lamball, Cremis, and Melpaca. Lamball, the most common among them, can be found in abundance at the start.

To get wool in Palworld, you can either kill these Pals, depleting their HP, or capture them using a Pal Sphere.

This method not only yields wool but also provides meat, making it a dual-purpose endeavor. Continuously hunting these Pals will ensure a steady supply of wool for your early-game needs.

How To Farm Wool In Palworld

While hunting Pals is an effective method to gather wool, sustainability is crucial for long-term success. The solution lies in building a Ranch, a structure that requires 50x wood, 20x stone, and 30x Fiber to construct.

Remember that your character level needs to be at least 5 before you can craft a Ranch to farm Wool in Palworld.

Once build, put a Lamball, Cremis, or Melpaca inside the Ranch. These Pals will adapt to the Ranch environment and start producing wool automatically which turns into the best way to farm wool in Palworld.

You can build multiple Ranch in your home to farm Wool. It all depends on how many Lamballs you can catch.

How To Get Cloth From Wool In Palworld?

After gathering wool, the next step is processing it. At a workbench, wool can be transformed into cloth, essential for various crafting recipes. Typically, two wool pieces are needed to create one cloth. Cloth is unlocked at level 3 in the Technology menu.

All Known Crafting Recipes That Use Wool In Palworld

  • High Quality Cloth
  • Ice Kingpaca Saddle
  • Melpaca Saddle
  • Shoddy Bed

Note: Efficient wool management is key to ensuring a steady supply for future crafting and building projects. Store excess wool in chests and plan for its use in upcoming recipes, especially as you progress to more advanced stages of the game where the demand for wool increases.

While hunting Pals like Lamball offers quick wool, investing in a Ranch and breeding farms ensures a long-term supply. Keep an eye out for different Pals that can provide wool, and continuously adapt your strategy as you explore new areas of the game.

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