One of the most interesting survival games is out right now on Steam. Known as the Medieval Dynasty, the game is currently in early access which means a lot needs to be changed, improved, and fixed.

One of the elements that the game needs to work on is clarity on how to get resources. A crucial resource in Medieval Dynasty is wooden logs but the game does a really poor job at explaining where to find wooden logs.

Wooden logs are a vital resource in Medieval Dynasty, used for constructing buildings, crafting tools, and more. In this guide, we’ll explore how to efficiently gather logs, while also being mindful of the in-game environment. Optimize your gameplay by learning about the different tree types, tree regeneration, and the benefits of assigning villagers to gather logs.

Medieval Dynasty: How to Get Wooden Logs

Wooden logs in the Medieval Dynasty are used to craft buildings for housing and farming among other things. This makes wooden logs probably the most important part of the Medieval Dynasty, especially when you consider how you need it to craft your first house.

To get wooden logs in Medieval Dynasty you need to chop down maple trees. Use your stone axe to cut down maple trees but once they are down, keep hitting them until you get wooden logs.

Take the logs and use them to craft a wooden axe/hammer as well as your first house. Maple trees are the most common in the Medieval Dynasty so you won’t have a hard time getting yourself some logs in the Medieval Dynasty. Keep in mind that cutting down maple trees causes your character to lose stamina. You need to keep an eye on your water and food intakes while cutting down maple trees to get wooden logs. Otherwise, you might end up losing consciousness in the Medieval Dynasty.

Trees Will Grow Back

One of the most common questions players have is whether trees grow back after being chopped down. The answer is yes, but only if you leave the tree stump behind and wait for approximately two in-game years. If you remove the stump with a shovel, the tree will not regenerate. Be cautious when clearing large areas, as it could take a significant amount of time for the forest to recover.

Best Way to Farm Logs in Medieval Dynasty

In Medieval Dynasty, not all trees provide the same amount of logs. Focus on these three tree types to maximize your log yield:

  • Birch Tree: 2 Logs
  • Spruce Tree: 3 Logs
  • Maple Tree: 4 Logs

Targeting maple trees will result in the highest log yield, reducing the number of trees you need to chop down. Keep this in mind as you expand your village and require more logs for construction.

How to Make Villagers Collect Logs

After building a woodshed, you can assign villagers to collect logs, and sticks, and create firewood and planks. Equip your woodshed with an axe and assign a villager as a lumberjack to start the process. Villagers will gather resources from nearby trees, but if no trees are available, they will generate logs out of thin air. This is an excellent way to passively collect logs without actively chopping down trees.

Tips for Efficient Log Gathering in Medieval Dynasty

  • Leave tree stumps behind to ensure trees grow back over time.
  • Focus on maple trees for the highest log yield.
  • Utilize villagers to passively gather logs and other resources by assigning them to the woodshed.
  • Monitor your villagers’ progress to ensure they have the necessary tools and are gathering logs efficiently.

That’s all you need to know to find wooden logs in the game. If you need more help check out the Medieval Dynasty Wiki page. We are still working on it so if you don’t find what you are looking for, please check the page a little later.

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