Are you struggling to survive the winter climate in Sons of the Forest? As a survival game, Sons of the Forest release challenges players to explore, learn new skills on the fly, and manage their inventory wisely to make it out alive.


And one item that should be on top of your list is the winter jacket. In this guide, we’ll provide tips on finding the winter jacket location in Sons of the Forest.

With this gear, you can stay warm and protected from the harsh elements of the winter season, whether you’re exploring the wilderness or facing off against dangerous enemies. The good news is that Sons of the Forest winter jacket location is not as hard to find, especially compared to the shovel or rope gun.

Where to Find Jacket Location in Sons of the Forest

Winter Jacket location on the map (via mapgenie)

Using your GPS map, locate the campsite marker in the southwest area of the island to find the winter jacket location in Sons of the Forest (refer to the image above). You’ll see a campsite with two large tents and a waterfall when you get there.

The well-insulated winter jacket can be found beside the body. Press “E” on your keyboard to pick it up, and equip it from your inventory to enjoy its maximum warmth stats. Aside from keeping you warm, this jacket keeps you dry and protected from the wind and rain.

You should also collect all the scattered items at this abandoned camp, including 3x supply cases, 2x caskets, crates, and coins.

In my playthrough, I didn’t encounter any enemies in the area, but it is still best to keep a modern axe ready in case mutants pop up.