The Best Build in Elden Ring Incomplete without the War Surgeon Set Armor. You will get the White Mask in the set, which gives the wearer increased health regeneration while bleeding. Unfortunately, the War Surgeon Set is not easy to find, and players must enter the hazardous territory to obtain it. In this guide, I”ll tell you the best way to get War Surgeon Set in Elden Ring.

War Surgeon Set Location

To get War Surgeon Set in Elden Ring’s late game, players need to reach the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum. Two possible ways to pass through the portal are Consecrated Snowfield or White-Faced Varre’s questline(teleport with Pureblood Knight’s Medal). The players then travel west from the Mohgwyn Dynasty Mausoleum.

As a result, you will arrive at the Ledge-Road Site of Grace from here, where you must enter the blood lake. The south of the lake is home to a giant pillar of stone, on which lurks one of Elden Ring’s Blistered Crow monsters. Here, The players will be ambushed by a Nameless White Mask NPC if they go near the pillar. To earn rich rewards, the player must encounter both Crow and Mask. The best strategy here is to take down the crow first and fight with Mask. Masks can be easily beatable, so just a little attention, and that’s it; the reward will be yours.

What is Inside the War Surgeon Set

The White Mask is an excellent Blood Loss pickup for any player. When a player or an enemy is affected with Blood Loss, the White Mask increases the user’s Attack by 10% for 20 seconds. Therefore, the White Mask can also assist in combat blood loss, making it a useful tool for survival.

War Surgeon Set Resistance Range

Physical 15.2
Strike 17.1
Slash 18.9
Pierce 15.2
Poise 11
Weight 16.6
Magic 20.4
Vitality 118
Focus 108
Robustness 91
Holy 21.9
Immunity 127
Fire 21.9
Holy 21.9

That’s everything you need to know on how to get War Surgeon Set. Need more help? See Illusory Walls Locations, Best Crafting Materials.

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