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How To Get Venom Glands In Palworld (Locations And Pals)


In the world of Palworld, Venom Glands are a valuable resource, especially in the early to mid-game stages. These glands are essential for crafting powerful poison-based weapons like the Poison Bow and Crossbow. In this guide, we’ll delve into the specifics of how to acquire Venom Glands, their primary uses, and the Pals that drop this coveted item.

Which Pals Drop Venom Glands?

Venom Glands can be obtained by defeating or catching specific dark-type Pals. The key Pals known for dropping Venom Glands are:

  • Daedream
  • Depresso
  • Killamari
  • Cawgnito
  • Helzephyr
  • Menasting

However, not every dark-type Pal drops these glands. A notable exception is Hoocrates, which has unique drops. Open your menu and head to the Paldeck tab where you can find every Pal that drops Venom Glands.

Best Locations and Times to Search

Pals that drop leather can be found in various environments and locations:

  • Caves and dungeons
  • Roaming in the wild at night

Specifically, Daedream and Depresso are more commonly found at night in numerous regions. For effective farming, it is suggested to catch at least ten of each to maximize the yield of Venom Glands while also gaining bonus EXP.

For Daedream, a recommended location is the central parts of the map, particularly northeast of the original in-game spawn point. Players can refer to the in-game heat maps for common spawn locations.

How To Use Venom Glands?

The primary use of Venom Glands is crafting poison-based weaponry, which includes:

  • Poison Bow (requires two Venom Glands)
  • Poison Crossbow (requires five Venom Glands)
  • Poison Arrows (each set of five requires one Venom Gland)

These weapons are particularly effective as they deal damage over time to enemies.

The recipes for these weapons unlock at specific levels:

  • Level 8 for the Poison Bow
  • Level 17 for the Crossbow and matching arrows

Crafting in large batches is common, hence a consistent supply of Venom Glands is necessary for those relying heavily on poison weapons.

Focus on catching or defeating Daedream and Depresso at night for a higher chance of obtaining Venom Glands. Check your Paldex entries for each Pal to see their potential drops.Plan your weapon crafting in accordance with the number of glands you have, keeping in mind the requirement for each item.

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