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How To Get, Use, Remove Spray Paint In Lethal Company


In Lethal Company the Spray Paint Can, just like the Boombox, is a fun tool that can be used for various purposes, from artistic expressions to practical navigation aids in the game’s spooky environments. Using Spray Paint in Lethal Company requires a balance between creativity and strategy. Its ability to mark territories and objects can be leveraged for both fun and tactical advantages.

In this guide, I will explain how you can get, use, and remove spray paint in Lethal Company.

How To Get And Use Spray Paint In Lethal Company

Spray Paint is available for purchase in the game. It costs 50 dollars, making it an accessible item for most players​​​​. Using the same terminal you can buy other items such as Stun Grenades, Zap Gun, and Boombox.

The primary use of Spray Paint in “Lethal Company” is to paint walls, floors, and other surfaces, including furniture items and even other players​​​​. A practical use of Spray Paint is to mark dead ends, safe routes, or hazardous areas, aiding in navigation and ensuring players don’t get lost in the game’s complex environment​​​​.

It’s important to shake the can before use. If not shaken, the paint will dissipate into the air instead of being applied to the intended surface​​.

The Spray Paint Can has a limited capacity. It can only spray for about 1 second before needing to be shaken again​​. The exact capacity isn’t specified, but it’s implied that it’s not infinite​​.

Can You Remove Spray Paint?

In instances where spray paint becomes a nuisance, such as covering important information on the terminal screen, it can be removed. The game allows only a certain amount of paint to be present at a time, so continuously spraying paint will eventually lead to the older layers disappearing, including the unwanted ones​​​​.

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