Unsullied Hearts are a rare and valuable resource in V Rising used to craft advanced biomaterials and structures essential. Obtaining Unsullied Hearts can be challenging, but this guide will explain how to farm them and use them to craft Greater Blood Essence.

Where To Find Unsullied Heart in V Rising

Unsullied Hearts are most likely to appear after slaying opponents with a higher blood quality and V Blood bosses. One of the simplest methods to get Unsullied Hearts is fighting and defeating bosses in The Blood Altar. However, you’re still unsure whether you’ll get a reward after defeating these monsters. Yet, this is still the most reliable method for obtaining Unsullied Hearts.

You can also increase your chances of receiving a drop by equipping items that boost your blood quality, such as the Blood Stone Ring or Crimson Pendant. With patience and perseverance, you’ll eventually be able to obtain the Unsullied Hearts you need to continue your dark journey.

While Unsullied Hearts have a powerful effect on your crafting, they can be challenging to find. The best way to get them is to explore the world and look for rare resources. Another option is to complete quests, which often award Unsullied Hearts as a reward.

Unsullied Hearts are essential for upgrading your castle, no matter how you obtain them. By converting them into Greater Blood Essence, you can significantly improve your crafting abilities and make your castle stronger than ever before. However, the most reliable way to get Unsullied Hearts is to purchase them from the merchant in the castle.

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