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How to Get Treasure Seeker Outfit in Hogwarts Legacy (Full Outfit)

Where to Find All Treasure Seeker Outfit Pieces in Hogwarts Legacy


Are you on the hunt for the Hidden Treasure Seeker Outfit in Hogwarts Legacy? Look no further! This guide will show you all the locations and steps needed to collect each piece of gear and complete the treasure maps required to obtain the elusive Treasure Seeker Outfit.

From Pod Seer Castle flue flame to solving puzzles in Henrietta’s Hideaway, this guide will make sure you don’t miss a single step on your way to achieving the ultimate reward. So get ready to explore the magical world of Hogwarts and uncover the hidden treasures waiting to be discovered.

To complete your Hidden Treasure Seeker Outfit you’ll need the following pieces:

  • Treasure Seeker Gloves
  • Treasure Seeker Long Coat
  • Treasure Seeker Attire
  • Treasure Seeker Scarf

Where to Find Treasure Seeker Gloves

Fast travel to Poisear Castle

The first step to getting the Treasure Seeker Outfit is to find the Treasure Seeker Gloves. To do this, you need to go to the Poidseer Castle Flue Flame. Once you get there, clear the poacher’s camp and search around in the back corner. You will find a table with a map on it that shows you the next step. The next step is to go to Henrietta’s Hideaway, which is located at the border of Manor Cape and Clagmar Coast.

Henrietta’s Hideaway Map (Found at the Poachers camp).
Henrietta’s Hideaway Location

Once you get there, clear the area of enemies and head down the stairs towards the coast. Make a left and then another left to find the entrance to Henrietta’s Hideaway.

Henrietta’s Hideaway Puzzle #1

The solution to Henrietta’s Hideaway puzzle is to use Revelio to see a block hidden behind the wall. Light the bowl in front of the statue to get access to the block. Pick up the block and place it on the empty plate on the ground. Now you have two blocks on two separate blocks, one with a Fire icon on it and the other one has an Ice icon on it.

Cast Fire to the Block on the left and Ice on the block on the right to solve the first Henrietta’s Hideaway puzzle.

Henrietta’s Hideaway Puzzle #2 (Hippogriff Statue)

Go to the hippogriff statue in the middle of the room and light all of the bowls on fire. Then freeze the bowls in the order given – by the back hind right foot, skip one, freeze the next, skip two, freeze the next, freeze the one next to it. This will open a hidden door will open up and you will find the Treasure Seeker Gloves.

  • Henrietta's Hideaway statue Puzzle
  • Henrietta's Hideaway statue Puzzle
  • Henrietta's Hideaway statue Puzzle
  • Henrietta's Hideaway statue Puzzle

Where to Find Treasure Seeker Long Coat

Hippogriff Statue in Henrietta’s Hideaway has a path behind it that will take you up a set of stairs. Follow the path and you will come across a floor that will pull go through the wall and put you back right where you started. It’s a loop that you can counter by using Accio to pull the torch on the other side onto the floor. When the floor moves you can run to the other side.

In the next room, there are some enemies you need to defeat, and after that go to the icon that appears through the wall. When you get close to the Icon the hidden wall entrance will open, giving you access to a hidden room. This room is the musical treasure map for Treasure Seeker Long Coat.

Treasure Seeker Long Coat Musical Map
Go to the Clagmar Castle Flu Flame Location

Fast travel to the Clagmar Caslte and clear the bandit camp. Use Revelio to find the musical bells hanging at the back of the Bandit Camp. These are the same bells we saw on the Musical Map earlier. Hit the bells in the following sequence:

Clagmar Castle Bell Puzzle Solution

Where to Find Treasure Seeker Attire

Go to the Cursed Tomb Treasure in Manor Cape

When you reach the location you will see an icon telling you where to go. The location is underground but to access it you need to light up the bowl in front of a statue on top of the hill. The statue is easier to spot if you fly high on your broom. Go at night and you will see white magic sparks in front of the statue, very hard to miss.

When you get underground, you will face a mini-boss. Take down the boss to get the treasure chest containing the Treasure Seeker Attire location map.

Treasure Seeker Attire Location Map

Travel to the edge of the Coastal Cavern; to the Tomb of Treachery Flu Flame.

Go to the Tomb of Treachery

Inside the Tomb of Treachery, you will find a Golden locked door. To open the door you just need to collect the three keys and bring them back to the Golden Door by using Lumos. Behind the Golden Door in the Tomb of Treachery, you will find the Treasure Seeker Attire.

Where to Find Treasure Seeker Scarf

Fast Travel to Forbidden Forest Flu Flame at night
Read this letter on the stone bridge at night and cast Lumos


You need to do this at night or candles won’t appear. You can read the letter during the day and come back at night or skip time at the bridge.

To find the Treasure Seeler Scarf in Hogwarts Legacy, travel to the Forbidden Forest Flu Flame. Once there, read the love letter sitting on the small walkway stone bridge. The next step is to cast Lumos to reveal three floating candles. Follow the candles and they will lead to the location of the Treasure Seeker Scarf.

Where to Find Treasure Seeker Hat

Complete the Well, Well, Well Side Quest

To get the Treasure Seeker Hat, all you have to do is complete the Well, Well, Well side quest near Hogwarts Castle. Someone is stuck inside the well, once you save that person they will give you the Treasure Seeker Scarf.

And that should complete your Treasure Seeker Outfit in Hogwarts Legacy. If I missed any pieces, let us know in the comments below.

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