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How to Reach Gutanbac Shrine in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom


Gutanbac Shrine is one of the four shrines you have to complete in order to get out of the Great Sky Island. The problem with this particular shrine is that it is located in the snowy mountains which means it is a harsh weather condition.

As soon as you enter the area, your HP will slowly start to deplete which is especially problematic since you need time to figure out how and where to climb the mountain to reach the shrine. In this guide, I will explain how I managed to reach the Gutanbac Shrine using two different methods.

How to Reach Gutanbac Shrine in the Great Sky Island of Zelda TotK

To reach Guntanbac Shrine, there are two ways but both include you knowing which route to follow. Let’s start with the Degan method before discussing sanity and how it’s actually meant to be done.

Became a Healing Degan

When the Gutanbac Shrine became available I was very early on in the game and didn’t really know how to resist weather conditions. My go-to method in such a situation is to stack up on heels and push through. I gathered a ton of healing items and started exploring Gutanbac while healing myself from time to time. Eventually, I was able to find the correct route. You can use the healing method but it is not advisable because it is a waste of resources.

The best heals for this method are Skyshrooms, Apples, Spicy Peppers, Fire Peppers, Roasted Meat, Meat Skewer, Roasted Mushrooms, Mushroom Skewer, and even raw meat works.

The Sensible Method

The sensible method is to use Spicy Pepper to create a dish that gives you Cold Resistance. The most Spicy Peppers you use, the longer the Cold Resistance will last. There are a ton of cooking pots in the Great Sky Island that you can use to cook 2-3 (should be enough) Spicy Peppers to create Cold Resistance.

With 2-3 Spicy Peppers you get around 3 minutes of Cold Resistance which is more than enough time to reach Gutanbac Shrine at the top of the mountain.

Now let’s see what route you should use to get to Gutanbac Shrine.

Route to Gutanbac Shrine

Follow the route shown in my walkthrough video above to easily reach Gutanbac Shrine.

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