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How To Get Thought Tuner in Psychonauts 2


Psychonauts 2 features a wide range of items and resources that players can utilize in the game. The Thought Tuner allows Raz to tune stray thoughts in the physical world by tuning into the energy of these thoughts.

The Thought Tuner is a useful item as, when used properly, it leads to some useful items for you. This is a guide on how and where you can use and should use a Thought Tuner in Psychonauts 2.

Psychonauts 2: How to Get Thought Tuner

You can use Thought Tuner in Psychonauts 2 by holding “T” on PC, or pressing the Left button on D-Pad for console platforms. You can use the Thought Tuner while being in the physical world. If you want to obtain the Thought Tuner, you need to visit Otto in his workshop. Otto Mentalis’s workshop can be located if you travel outside of the Motherlobe.

The Thought Tuner is a device with a headset and a tuner, which looks like a radio regulator. You can use Thought Tuner to find stray thoughts in reality, and concentrate on them to convert them into nodes. After converting them into nodes, you can use your Mental connection to catch these nodes.

The Thought Tuner is unable to access inside of a mind, as they would already be full of stray thoughts. You should always use Thought Tuner in the physical world, and it allows you to access areas that were inaccessible to you before. If you are using the Thought Tuner and a stray thought comes around, you will get a short beep.

You will get a larger beep sound if you get closer to a stray thought. If you see a red glowing light it means there are no stray thoughts around you. If you see a green glowing light, it would mean that there are stray thoughts around you.

This is everything there is to know about the Thought Tuner in Psychonauts 2. Need more help? See How to Get Bacon, Hollis’ Classroom Collectibles Locations, Loboto’s Labyrinth Collectibles Locations.

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