There are different mounts in Final Fantasy 14 patch 6.1, which a player can acquire by completing a quest or through game currency. Recently, some new mounts have been introduced in the game to make it more exciting.

This new addition is a tyrannosaurus named Vinegaroon, silver in color. This mount was seen as an enemy, but now the player can get this as a mount. To get this mount, you need to get a reward by spending Sacks of Nuts in old Sharlayan.

To buy this mount in Final Fantasy 14, you have to visit Old Sharlayan, where you will find a seller, J’lakshai, close to the Guildship Hunt Board in the Scholar’s Harbor area. You can purchase a Vinegaroon horn from him for 3,200 Sacks of Nuts. This currency was utilized in Shadowbrongers 5.0 and also as Hunt currency in Endwalker expansion 6.0.

How to Earn Sacks of Nuts

Players can earn these sacks of nuts by two methods. First, by completing the guildship mark bills found on the Guildship Hunt Board in Old Sharlayan or in Radz-at-Han. Three tallies will direct you to kill daily or weely five mobs from Endwalker expansion. Some more of these can be found in the Crystarium or in Eulmore in Tenemos Rookery, located at the Nuts border.

Secondly, you can earn Sacks of nuts by killing unique spawning mobs from Endwalker/Shadowbringers. There are different ranks among enemies, and the rewards and difficulty level is according to these ranks. These spawning mobs are high-ranked and are visible infrequently during the day.

To kill these spawns, players have created “hunt trains” to form groups because these spawns cannot be separated from each other. So becoming a part of a fellowship or hunt discord, it’s easy to kill them.

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