God of War offers a lot of new stuff to the players after the release on PC. There are certain items, however which are the strongest and most powerful. The Valkyrie Armor set is the most powerful one in the game, and has the best stats. So, this is how you can acquire the Valkyrie armor pieces in God of War.

God of War: How to Get the Valkyrie Armor

The Valkyrie armor set includes a total of three armor pieces: Chest armor piece, Waist armor piece, and Wrist armor piece. You can obtain all of these three pieces by killing three particular Valkyries. These Valkyries will leave behind one armor piece when you kill them.

The three particular armor pieces will get you an unstoppable aura, lower cooldown time for runic attacks, and a blessing for runic attacks. Now, before you get on to collect these armor pieces, you will need to have with you the Magic Chisel, the Musphelheim Ciphers, and Niflheim Ciphers.

After you have the above items, you can go on to kill the Valkyries and get the armor pieces for the Valkyrie armor set. These are the locations of all the Valkyries:

The first Valkyrie can be found in the Alfheim realm. You need to go to the Light Elf shore on this realm and open up the hidden chamber there. This chamber requires a magic chisel to open it. Now, this is where you will encounter Valkyrie Olrun, you need to kill her to gain the Waist armor piece.

Now, for reaching the second Valkyrie you will need the Musphelheim Ciphers in the Musphelheim realm. This will make you interact with a huge sword there to trigger the trails. There will be five stages of trails, and in the last trail, you will encounter the Valkyrie Gondul. Kill Gondul to obtain the Gauntlets of the Valkyrie (Wrist armor piece).

This Valkyrie is the most difficult of all as you will have to go through a random maze. You need the Niflheim Ciphers to reach the Niflheim realm. Now, just proceed on to killing the Valkyrie Hildr to obtain the Cuirass of the Valkyrie.

At this stage, you probably have all the armor pieces, and you will only need the Asgardian Steel to upgrade the armor. This steel is received by killing all the other Valkyries out there.

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