Elden Ring has a massive amount of content to offer to its players. There are a lot of armor sets, and weapons in the game that you might have probably missed a few of them already. There are quite a few unique weapons in Elden Ring, such as the Twinblades. This is a unique category weapon that you can wield. So, this is how you can get and wield twin blades in Elden Ring.

Getting the Twinblades in Elden Ring

There are some weapons in Elden Ring that cannot be purchased from a vendor or merchant. Instead, you will have to get them by killing a certain type of boss or completing a certain quest. So, in this guide, we have to talk about the Twinblades which are seemingly perfect for a weapon you can get this early in the game. Therefore, these blades are located in a chest in the Dragon-Burnt ruins, and you cannot access them unless you have a Torrent.

This is due to the fact that there are some ledges and a structure that you cannot cross while you are on your feet. These areas could only be crossed by using Torrent. You should know that the blades wouldn’t be just lying out in the open, instead, you will find them in a chest.

These are dual-wielding blades and are unique in their own way. These are easily upgradable and do not require you to have many resources to put into them. They still prove to be a worthy weapon and deal a great amount of damage to enemies.

However, you should know that you cannot use Twinblades effectively if your Dexterity is below 18 and your Strength is under 10. So, you will need to take good care of the Ruins to wield this powerful weapon with its full potential.

This is everything that you need to know on how can you get the Twinblades in Elden Ring. Need more help? See How to Get Dragon Heart, How to Fast Travel.

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