The Callisto Protocol is designed to make you a survival horror game pro. However, the game can become extremely tough, especially when you have a shortage of ammo. Though it still needs to be upgraded, as it currently takes several hits to defeat an enemy, the Stun Baton will be your lifesaver. Consequently, there is a possibility that this melee weapon won’t let you live long enough to make another hit. In short, The Skunk Gun is the best weapon for surviving the early days of The Callisto Protocol, so make sure you get your hands on one quickly. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to get the Skunk Gun.

It’s your decision whether you want to get this weapon in chapter 3 or 4 while playing The Callisto Protocol, but I will mention both methods.

Where To Find The Skunk Gun

Chapter 3 Skunk Gun Location: The Shunk Gun is best gathered in Chapter 3: Aftermath. You will encounter a scene early on during this chapter that requires access to Shu, and, as such, you will need to reach Workshop 0302, which is in front of the gate. You will need to fetch a fuse from inside the workshop to gain entry. However, rather than using said fuse on the door – since your main priority should be finding the Skunk Gun – backtrack up to the upper level via Piky Walls, then down past walls until you find a wall with a D4 Basement Storage sign; climb over platform here.

Walk past the D4 Storage sign and continue down the street. After moving straight ahead, you’ll find a control switch that can only be activated by installing a fuse from the workshop. Once you do this, you will open a game where you must pass through a wall vent. On the table to your right, you’ll find the Skunk Gun.

Chapter 4 Skunk Gun Location: If you forget to retrieve the Skunk Gun in Chapter 3, don’t worry–you can still get it in Chapter 4. You will come across a scene early on during this chapter that requires you to reach the biodome. This is triggered after going down an elevator. Here’s a hint: if you see Jupiter in the background, you’re in the right spot.

Start by destroying the patrolling robot and then go to the Oxygen Processing area. Keep moving forward unless you see an upgrade station to your right and a locked door ahead of you. Then take a left towards Botanical H624, and pass through some rotating containers with plants inside. When you reach the end, take another right, leading you into Hall H626.

If you take the narrow path on your right, you’ll be attacked by a small alien. Look for a crate top on the right, and here you find the Skunk Gun. Now head towards the upgrade station to buy the gun. However, it will cost you 800 credits.

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