The Shadowfallen Giant Locarok is an item that is necessary to collect in Lost Ark. You will have to complete the mission named “The Stone of Power.” When you complete this mission, an NPC will give the Locarok to you. So, follow this guide to know exactly how to get the Shadowfallen Giant Locarok in Lost Ark.

Getting the Shadowfallen Giant Locarok

The “Stone of Power” is a critical mission in the story progression, and players will need to go to the Tortoyk Heart dungeon. This dungeon is located on Tortoyk Island. After reaching here, we must travel through the Forst of Giants and run the dungeon.

When we come to this place, a dialog box will pop up to ask us if we want to enter the dungeon or not—going to enter the dungeon of Heart. After entering the dungeon, we see a Giant fallen into the shadows. There will be various fragments of Pebble stone lying around.

So, collect these fragments and interact with the fallen giant, and the mission is completed.

So, this was the whole thing about the Shadowfallen Giant Locarok and how players can get the stones in this quest in Lost Ark. Need more help? See Gear Honing, Rethramis Hidden Story Locations.

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