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At first glance, the Elden Ring Royal Scroll may not look like much. However, it is an essential item for spellcasters. The scroll allows spellcasters to unlock more spells for a price. Of course, the price of unlocking more spells is not always low. Sometimes, the price can be pretty high. However, the ability to unlock more spells is essential for spellcasters. It allows them to become more powerful and improve their abilities. In this Elden Ring guide, we cover how you can get the Royal House Scroll for spellcasting.

Where To Find Royal House Scroll In Elden Ring

The Weeping Peninsula is a thinly forested area south of Limgrave. The specific location is east of Agheel Lake, the South Site of Grace. It is the site of the Royal House Scroll, which is found on top of some ruins in the woods near the Bridge of Sacrifice.

After you’ve located and claimed the Royal House Scroll, you’ll be set upon by a knight and a few enemies. Use your best moves to dispatch them quickly and efficiently. Claiming the scroll is only the first step; you’ll need to defend it from all challengers if you hope to keep it. Be prepared for anything and use whatever means necessary to protect your prize. The scroll is rightfully yours – now go out and prove it!

How To Use Royal House Scroll

The Royal House Scroll is a powerful tool that can be used to acquire two powerful spells: the Glintblade Phalanx and the Carian Slicer. If you’re looking for someone who can teach you spells, Sorceress Sellen is the perfect person. She has a wide range of spells in her inventory, and she’s more than happy to teach them to anyone interested. You need to give her the scroll, and she’ll select the spells that she thinks would be most beneficial for you.

This is how you can get the Royal House Scroll in Elden Ring. Also see Royal Knight Loretta Boss Fight, and How to Enter Redmane Castle.

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