Looking to find the revolver in Sons of the Forest? In this guide, we’ll show you how to get the revolver in Sons of the Forest and its specific location. All you need is a shovel because you need to dig into a tunnel. The revolver location is on the other side of a snowy mountain, marked by a green beacon in a golf course.

Survival is key in Sons of the Forest, and you must use all available means to stay alive. As you explore the map, you’ll come across different weapons, including the highly effective Revolver.


You need a shovel to access the bunker containing the revolver. If you don’t have a shovel yet, read our detailed guide on the topic.

Sons of the Forest Revolver Location

Dig in the gold course to find the bunker.

Head to the highest green mark on the east side of the map to find the Revolver. What you’re looking for is a golf course. Check the GPS image above and look for the yellow circle and arrow to pinpoint the exact location of the underground bunker.

To enter the bunker, use the Shovel tool in front of the golf car to reveal the Maintenance C trap door. Go down the bunker and take the corridor. Keep going until you reach a door to your right. Inside you will find a dead engineer and his revolver.

Revolvers are better than Katanas and Compound Bows, but you’ll have to find ammunition for them.

With a six-bullet clip, you must reload with 9mm ammo each time. You can gather ammunition by exploring different regions on the map. While the Revolver isn’t the best weapon in the game, it’s effective against mutants.

That’s all you need to know to successfully find the revolver in Sons of the Forest.

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