Rockstar’s support for GTA Online has been amazing each week since launch and this week is no different. According to an announcement made just hours ago, GTA Online players are heading into the Pilot week, and with this new event comes exclusive rewards including The Nagasaki Ultralight.

Unlock The Nagasaki Ultralight in GTA Online For Free

The Nagasaki Ultralight is one of the rewards you get this week for participating in the Pilot week in GTA Online. In order to get The Nagasaki Ultralight in GTA Online all you need to do is log-in and play anytime this week. According to Rockstar Games, you can play the Pilot week and you’ll unlock the nimblest one-seater. You can head over to Elitás travel for more details.

In addition to The Nagaski Ultralight, you’ll be getting a 50% discount on Hangers and Upgrades.

  • LSIA Hangar A17
  • LSIA Hangar 1
  • Fort Zancudo Hangar 3499
  • Fort Zancudo Hangar 3497
  • Fort Zancudo Hangar A2
  • Hangar Renovations

You also get 50% off on garage properties, 40% on FH-1 Hunter, and 30% on Progen T20. On sale Vehicles include.

  • Nagasaki Ultralight – FREE
  • LF-22 Starling – 40% off
  • Western Rogue – 40% off
  • RM-10 Bombushka – 40% off
  • Pegassi Osiris – 30% off
  • Coil Rocket Voltic – 30% off
  • Declasse Scramjet – 30% off

Log-in right now and get all the rewards from the new Pilot Week in GTA Online.

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