As you progress through Dave the Diver, you will find yourself in need of an item called the Giant Trevally Fin which is needed to upgrade your weapons. In case you have not guessed already, it comes from the Giant Trevally which is pretty hard-to-catch on its own. But even if you manage to reel in one, getting the highly sought-after Giant Trevally Fin is entirely RNG reliant. But since there is no other way, your only option is to keep on hunting the Giant Trevally and hope for the best.


Dave the Diver Giant Trevally Fin

Getting the Giant Trevally Fin can be a little frustrating. It is a rare item that you can find when you defeat the Giant Trevally. This fin lets you upgrade your weapons.

To find the Giant Trevally, you have to dive deep into the Blue Hole. Dive down about 50-130 meters underwater, and you might come across it. But since it is all RNG-based, it can take a few tries.

Defeating the Giant Trevally is simple enough as any weapon of your choice should do the job. For example, The Triple Axel, which shoots three times, is super effective against the slow-moving creature.

As mentioned earlier, getting the Giant Trevally Fin to drop is RNG reliant. You may or may not have to catch dozens of Giant Trevally before you will see a single Giant Trevally Fin drop.

This is all we have got on how to get the Giant Trevally Fin in Dave the Diver. If there is anything else that you would like to add, be sure to let us know in the comments below!