How to Get the Fishing Rod in Valheim

Valheim fishing rod

Crafting is a big part of Valheim but not all items in the game can be crafted. Some items, such as the fishing rod must be acquired through different means. The fishing rod is used to fish in Valheim and in this guide, I will explain everything you need to know on how to get the fishing rod in Valheim.

Valheim: How to Get the Fishing Rod

To get the fishing rod in Valheim you need to find a trader in the Black Forest. The problem is that this trader spawns randomly which makes it hard to get the rod. To find the Black Forest, head away from theĀ  center of the map from The Maedows.

As you get closer to the Black Forest you will notice a chance in environment. More pine and fir trees will appear (used to craft the Stagbreaker), you will see caves guarded by the skeletons as well as greylings roaming the area. Beware of trolls as well as they are extremely deadly.

There is no easy way to find the Fishing Rod trader. The entire Valheim map is procedurally generated so NPCs like the trader fall appear at random. You need to roam around the Black Forest to find the trader and get the Fishing Rod from him.

And that’s all you need to know on how to get the fishing rod in the game. Also, visit crafting recipes, Valheim errors and fixes, console commands and cheats.

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